Digital Design

This section shows the design and interactive works that I have done for tablet and screen. It is the most significant portion of my work.

Print Design

A showcase of my design for upmarket magazine SilverKris (Singapore Airlines' Travel Magazine). I have brushed up my aesthetics sense greatly working in traditional print area. Composition, the most important factor among other design aspects, is critical in making or breaking the success of a print page. Unlike a digital product, a print page has no stunning interactive features to engage users. Instead, it stands out through a well-structured composition and strong concept.

Motion Graphics

Motion design has always been my favourite field. As it constantly evolves with technology, only sky is the limit to an animator’s imagination. I enjoyed challenging myself to come up with creative solution in each animation work.


I would like to share a selection of my personal photos taken over the past few years. Photography has grown from just a hobby to a passion that I strive to master. Other than composition and lighting, patience pays off too as it is often a waiting game to capture a worthy & precious moment. This is definitely one area that I plan to get serious into.

Older Projects

More important 3D/programming projects in my university studies. Some of the technologies applied are now the matter of the past but the experience gained from using them is invaluable.